“I’ve evolved from a mother to a teacher after investing in the Learning Time A+ Program!” Says a mother from Mauritius
December 10, 2020
Within 2 weeks of using the A+ program, we can see the improvement in our baby’s attention span”, reveal young parents, Paul Santos Fransisco and Rachel Luno Fransisco from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
December 10, 2020

Proud parents Florites Ceria- Llanes & Ronald Gene Llanes from Qatar, invested in the A+ program before the birth of their child; and have made the best out of it!

Its been 5 years now that my son Daemiel has been using and enjoying the books, apps, videos, and the Eltee Pen.
He has always loved the Values series, Learning Values with Lucy and Wiz.
Daemiel now clearly enjoys his school, is confident, speaks well. He is very clear with his pronunciation.
Its been a great investment, and we are now taking the new Math series, and the new Time for English.
We are sure Daemiel will make the best out of this too.”
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