Time for Math

Establishes a strong foundation in math through an interactive multimedia program. Extensive content covering numbers and counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, all the way to measurement.

  • Story format relates math to everyday life and gets children interested and involved
  • Wiz, the wizard introduces and teaches math concepts to children in an engaging way
  • Simple math exercises challenge children’s problem-solving skills
  • Follow-up questions encourage children to think
  • 24 math songs make children sing, dance and learn through music

Key Benefits of Time for Math

Manifests a strong foundation in math.
Focuses all the seven essentials of math: numbers, counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and measurement

Learning time A+ program for Kids – Best Fun learning activities for kindergarten
Establishes a strong foundation in math, one of the most useful skills for success in life
Covers all the seven essentials of math: numbers, counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and measurement
Get the best learning time A+ program at best price
Provides a variety of learning opportunities through books, songs, activities and games, making math learning fun
Learning time A+ program at affordable price
Sharpens listening skills, helps with correct pronunciation, introduces relevant vocabulary, and strengthens parent-child bonding

List of Components

  • 6 full-color talking Course Books that make concepts easy to understand
  • 6 Activity Books to practice and reinforce the concepts learned
  • Eltee Pen, the audio learning device, plays 24 math songs, vocabulary  and other sounds to reinforce the understanding of math through play and practice
  • App with 300 games to play and reinforce the math concepts
  • Song Book with lyrics, plays the 24 songs with the help of the Eltee Pen, to help children learn, sing and play the math songs
  • 50-piece Jigsaw Puzzle to help develop problem-solving and logical thinking
  • Two Board Games, complete with dice and accessories, encourage family bonding while learning and practicing math
  • 52 Pair Cards present additional opportunity for practicing mental math
  • 25 Counting Cards to play and learn the concept of math equations
  • Baby Abacus that works with all six levels of the program, and further strengthens the concepts
  • A User Guide to explain all the components and how to make the best use of the program


What is this program all about?

The program is about focusing on 3 key areas of mental development in children; Awareness, Ability and Attitude, through interactive learning tools. The Learning Time A+ Program focuses on instilling a love for reading in young children. This love for books and reading is the prerequisite in developing a lifelong enthusiasm for learning.

How is it different from what a child learns in school?

Its different from the way the child learns in school because this keeps up to the pace of learning and interest of the child, unlike the school where there is a fixed curriculum. It also triggers the instinct of how to think out of the box.


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