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July 6, 2023
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July 27, 2023

“I highly recommend the Learning Time A+ Program”, asserts an aware parent from Ghana.

I have a 14-year-old and a 3 year old; both daughters.

I bought the Learning Time A+ program around 2015 for my elder daughter, Kabuki.

I saw a lot of learning potential in the program.

I especially love the stories from different countries. With the Learning Time A+ program, they not only concentrate on the cognitive and psychomotor domain but also the affective aspect. I realized that attitudes are very important, as it is what would help our children develop soft skills at an early age.

Kabuki and Ama love the stories because there is a moral lesson at the end of each story. They love to listen to stories. And they get to appreciate other country’s cultures.

The flash cards really helped my younger toddler daughter, Ama identify colours, shapes, numbers and everyday items, food, animals and so on at an earlier age. The teachers at her school were amazed seeing how much she knew.

The good thing about the learning time package is that it never gets old. The stories are still relevant even though I bought it more than 5 years ago. I was even able to use it for my first born when she was in grade 1, and now I’m using it for my 3 year old.

It has helped reduce screen time with my 3 year old as well as increasing the bond between me and her. The two sisters also have  a very strong bond. Kabuki also uses Learning Time with her younger sister. She now reads to Ama, plays and dances with her using the Learning Time books and songs.

Parents should consider investing in Learning Time because there is no better investment than our children’s education. Their education has always been my first priority. I highly recommend the Learning Time A+ Program to all parents of young new-borns; if they can afford it. The package looks at all three domains in education, that is knowledge, skills like language and math, and moral values. That’s why it’s called the A+ program.


Rosemary Twum


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