Time to Learn

Help your child develop essential awareness through books that talk and sing. Books that every child should grow up with.

  • Question-and-answer format arouses curiosity
  • Simple answers to the most complex questions help children comprehend even difficult concepts
  • ‘Things to do’ encourages learning by doing, and helps retention
  • ‘Amazing Facts’ excites the young minds and builds confidence
  • Eltee Pen, the audio learning device, reads out the text in 6 languages and provides additional sounds including songs, animal sounds, dramatizations and correct pronunciation

Key Benefits of Time to Learn

Help your child develop essential awareness through books that talk and sing.

• High quality A plus program for kids
Develops a love for ‘real’ books at an early age, thus encouraging the habit of reading and seeking answers
Creates awareness of the world around, and world geography
Learning time A+ program for Kids – Best Fun learning activities for kindergarten
Sharpens listening skills, teaches correct pronunciation and introduces essential vocabulary
Learning time A+ program at affordable price
Teaches that there’s always an answer, and sometimes more than one answer, to every question

List of Components

  • 15 full-color talking, question-and-answer books providing essential knowledge to children
  • Eltee Pen, the audio learning device, helps listen to thousands of amazing sounds in 6 languages, including 60 beautiful songs and rhymes
  • App with 750 questions to help children self-evaluate
  • A Talking Dictionary with over 1500 words and 15 thematic spreads
  • A Children’s Atlas introducing your child to the wonderful world. Listen to national anthems of few countries
  • A Master Index to easily find any information that you or your child is looking for
  • User Guide to explain the components and how to make the best use of the program


What is this program all about?

The program is about focusing on 3 key areas of mental development in children; Awareness, Ability and Attitude, through interactive learning tools. The Learning Time A+ Program focuses on instilling a love for reading in young children. This love for books and reading is the prerequisite in developing a lifelong enthusiasm for learning.

How is it different from what a child learns in school?

Its different from the way the child learns in school because this keeps up to the pace of learning and interest of the child, unlike the school where there is a fixed curriculum. It also triggers the instinct of how to think out of the box.


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