Learning Values

with Lucy and Wiz

Teaches good behavior, builds character, and helps children become good human beings.

  • 15 stories from around the world help develop the right attitudes, introduce cultures of the world, and nurture children as global citizens.
  • Lucy and Wiz travel to different places, meet various characters, and learn life lessons from situations that children identify with and relate to.
  • Eltee Pen, the audio learning device, plays the stories with dramatization and sound effects in 12 languages.
  • The stories present children with an age-appropriate opportunity to discuss and explore a whole range of morals, ideals, principles and values with children

Key Benefits of Learning Values with Lucy & Wiz

Help your child build the right attitudes, appreciate different cultures of the world and be a good global citizen through these amazing stories.

Learning Time - Playing and learning in early childhood education
Teaches children good behavior, builds character, helps them become good human beings and global citizens
Get the best learning time A+ program at best price
Enhances emotional intelligence and sharpens listening skills
Learning time A+ program at affordable price
Improves imagination through fantastic stories and wonderful narration
• High quality A plus program for kids
Familiarizes children with useful vocabulary, helps with correct pronunciation and provides an opportunity for language learning
Introduces children to countries and gives them an appreciation for cultures of the world
Teaches tolerance and acceptance of differences

List of Components

  • 15 Beautiful multi-lingual story books graded by age, that entertain, educate and teach important values
  • Eltee Pen, the audio learning device, plays all the stories in 12 languages with amazing dramatization and music, to get children totally engaged
  • A customized app to listen to all the 15 stories on any Android device in multiple languages
  • A User Guide to help you make the best of all the components of the program


What is this program all about?

The program is about focusing on 3 key areas of mental development in children; Awareness, Ability and Attitude, through interactive learning tools. The Learning Time A+ Program focuses on instilling a love for reading in young children. This love for books and reading is the prerequisite in developing a lifelong enthusiasm for learning.

How is it different from what a child learns in school?

Its different from the way the child learns in school because this keeps up to the pace of learning and interest of the child, unlike the school where there is a fixed curriculum. It also triggers the instinct of how to think out of the box.


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