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Should children be able to read and write before they start school?

Does the thought of early childhood learning make you anxious? If yes, don’t panic. It’s normal. Parents get worried when it comes to sending their children off to school. They start researching several ways to develop specific skills and intelligence within their kids. Post research, they find methods to adapt and implement those early childhood learning practices.

Today, the latest buzz in the educational industry involves early childhood learning through fun-based activities like playing a game, roleplays, case studies, singing, and dancing.


The early childhood learning program by Learning Time is being praised for its never-ending efforts in promoting children’s imaginative, analytical, and creative skills.

Early learning – is it essential?

Every parent wants their kids to adjust to a classroom environment, build connections with peers, communicate their mindset to the society, and expand areas of knowledge.


To successfully fulfil parenthood needs, Learning Time has introduced an early childhood learning program. Learning Time makes parents understand the importance of early childhood learning. 

Importance of Early Learning

Surveys reveal that children who are well‑trained during their early learning years develop immense comprehension and development skills. They have a clear futuristic vision towards career and responsibilities as compared to kids trained without any early childhood learning program. 


Below are the points explaining the importance of early childhood learning:



  • Knowledge Enhancement
  • Progression in Numerous Skills
  • Develops long-term Learning Abilities
  • Cognitive and Social Improvements
  • Emotional and Physical Evolution
  • Grow up as a better human being
  • Strengthen the roots for career development
  • Build cordial relations among parents, mentors, peers, and society as a whole.

A highlight of the known facts about Reading & writing

Reading and writing doesn’t require much efforts if done correctly. During this stage, children are very eager to learn things if taught in the right way. Therefore, start quality interactions with your kids. 

Reading in early childhood – Is it too early?

You might be wondering what is the right age to read? Is 2 years too early for your kids to read? Absolutely not! Kids should develop pre-reading skills like pronouncing tweaked words, rhyming words, or spelling out unfamiliar words. 2 years to 5 years is the perfect age where they should master basic vocabulary. So, remember to build a stronger communication and language foundation for a better tomorrow, encourage reading in early childhood.

Practices to become fluent in reading:

    • Play word games
    • Fill up the blank letter
    • Make habit of dictionary
    • Recite poems or sing a song
    • Read aloud confusing words
    • Find the missing letter or word
    • Pronounce 5 new words everyday
    • Develop a rhyming pattern of learning
    • Start interacting with small sentences
    • Connecting words with sounds and images

Writing in early childhood – When is the right time?

When it comes to learning, it is never a right or a wrong time. Training your kids in early childhood is always better than ‘it’s too late’. Reading is the primary step towards writing. So, if your toddler has hit 2+ years and has learned to read, this is the best time to encourage writing. Slowly and gradually they will improve their handwriting, spelling, and length of the sentences. So, inspire them to research, recognize, and write new words regularly.

Practices to become an expert in writing:

    • Join the dots to form words
    • Encourage them to draw on paper
    • Act out the words an tell them to write
    • Play Puzzle and Word Formation Games
    • Ask them to write 5 different words every day
    • Draw a picture and ask them to write the names
    • Give them the freedom to write about their favourite topics


    We hope these simple and effective tips will prove beneficial for reading and writing in the early childhood stages.

Highlights about the early learning programs

Still, if you are unsure about the commonly experimented tips that we mentioned, you can educate your children with our engaging and interactive early childhood learning program.

Our exclusive multimedia tools of early childhood learning have been an inspiration for educating kids across the globe. 


Learning Time helps uplift your child’s capabilities with the Learning Time A+ Program. This program compiles subjects like English, Math, logical aptitude, and cultural values. The A+ Program helps to develop essential awareness through books that talk and sing.  The components are:


Ø Time to Learn:  Improves knowledge through books that talk and sing.

Ø Time for English with Lucy, Wiz, and Ziggy: Develops English and vocabulary through multimedia assistance.

Ø Time for Math: Introduces the concepts of math through stories and fun..

Ø Learning Values with Lucy & Wiz: Builds cognitive and social values.



So, anywhere and anytime, you can visit our website and ask for a free presentation.

Motivate your little toddlers to talk, scribble, and play more with our essential early learning products.

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