Proud parents Florites Ceria- Llanes & Ronald Gene Llanes from Qatar, invested in the A+ program before the birth of their child; and have made the best out of it!
December 10, 2020
A Must-have educational program for kids’, reveals an aware parent from Ghana.
December 10, 2020

Within 2 weeks of using the A+ program, we can see the improvement in our baby’s attention span”, reveal young parents, Paul Santos Fransisco and Rachel Luno Fransisco from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

‘My husband and I both grew up with learning materials like encyclopedias, and we know the value of early childhood education. And also, the challenges that young first-time parents face in bringing up kids in today’s times. We too were quite clueless about where to start with our 6 months old son, Paul Ezekiel ( Kiel ).
It was quite by accident that we chanced upon the Learning Time page on social media, and put in an enquiry to know more. The Consultant Noel got in touch with us, fixed an appointment for a dem, and were we impressed!

The Learning Time A+ program is ideal for working parents like us. We now have a guide to help us with providing the right early childhood learning materials for Kiel. Within 2 weeks, I could clearly see the improvement in his attention span. He looks forward now to us getting home and reading out the stories from the

values series, or spreading out the flashcards and reading out the words with the Eltee Pen.

Both of us feel this is simply the best gift we have given to Kiel. We spend so much eating out, buying toys, clothes. Nothing compares to this. This is worth much more, and will last and stay with him for years. Would definitely recommend this for anyone having young kids. Get started as soon as you can!’


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