The Amazing Minds of Infants
April 19, 2023
‘An Investment you will not regret’, endorses a young mother from Ghana!
May 26, 2023

‘Her pronunciation has improved dramatically’, raves a doting parent from United Arab Emirates!

 Jovelyn and Michael Benaid from Abu Dhabi, UAE purchased the Learning Time A+ Program for their then 2 and half years old daughter Makayla in October 2022.
This is what the proud parents have to say about their decision, and how Makayla has surprised them with her progress and confidence.
“Thank you, Learning Time for a great set of useful, research-based early learning tools. My 3 years old daughter Makayla has taken to the talking books, activity books and apps very quickly and easily. She has learnt the correct way of speaking English, developed her knowledge, a great attitude, and she is enjoying it!
Her pronunciation has improved dramatically since she started using the A+ Program, and she knows a lot of stuff about planets, countries, foods, professions, etc. And there are times she corrects us, and points out the correct way to pronounce certain words.”
Jovelyn and Michael Benaid, Abu Dhabi, UAE
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