“Learning Time products make it easy to stimulate her intelligence and develop her character at the same time!” Says a mother of a 2-year old from Bandung (Indonesia)
December 10, 2020
Proud parents Florites Ceria- Llanes & Ronald Gene Llanes from Qatar, invested in the A+ program before the birth of their child; and have made the best out of it!
December 10, 2020

“I’ve evolved from a mother to a teacher after investing in the Learning Time A+ Program!” Says a mother from Mauritius

Ever since we invested in the A+ Program, my role seems to have evolved from a housewife and mom to that of a teacher for my two kids, 5 and 1 year old. We were always looking for the best educational material for our kids and Learning Time seemed just right! Anshul loves ‘Time to Learn’ since he is very curious and asks a lot of questions. ‘Learning Values with Lucy & Wiz’ has also become his bedtime storybooks. In just a few months, we have seen so many improvements in Anshul. He has a learnt a lot of new things, improved his English and pronunciation – thanks to the hours he spends with the Eltee Pen!

Our 1-year old, Navi has also started responding to the words, sounds and songs whenever I used the program with Anshul. She also loves watching the videos with her brother and join in the dance-along, which also helps with their physical development! Investing in the A+ Program was a great decision and we recommend this to every parent!

-Visham and Sarvita Mohun Maurit, Mauritius

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