Born deaf and dumb parents from Mauritius share the story of how Learning Time products helped their son talk!
December 10, 2020
“I’ve evolved from a mother to a teacher after investing in the Learning Time A+ Program!” Says a mother from Mauritius
December 10, 2020

“Learning Time products make it easy to stimulate her intelligence and develop her character at the same time!” Says a mother of a 2-year old from Bandung (Indonesia)

Learning Time is a very helpful program, and we are seeing significant progress in our 2-year old girl! She has learnt some words that I haven’t even taught her. It’s amazing to see her ability to understand and remember words and phrases from the program. She is now using longer sentences in her daily conversation; I was surprised and delighted to hear her say ‘Mommy, where are you… I cannot hear you’, which is a line from Ben & Bella! My husband and I take turns reading bedtime stories to her, or sometimes read it together. Her favorite books are from Discover English with Ben & Balla and Learning Values with Lucy and Wiz.

We realise that every child is born a genius, and parents play a role in either maintaining or eliminating the genius out of them. So we are determined to provide her with the best atmosphere possible, to stimulate her intelligence and develop her character at the same time. And Learning Time program makes it easy!

~Winari Setianingsih, Indonesia (Consultant: Ina Rochamina)

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