“Learning Time A+ Program was the best gift we could give Aparna on her first birthday!” A parent from India just told us.
December 10, 2020
“Learning Time products make it easy to stimulate her intelligence and develop her character at the same time!” Says a mother of a 2-year old from Bandung (Indonesia)
December 10, 2020

Born deaf and dumb parents from Mauritius share the story of how Learning Time products helped their son talk!

My husband and I have been deaf and dumb since birth. When our son Keenan was born, we were thrilled to know that he could hear well. But for the first year, he didn’t talk at all. We lived in our world of silence, happily communicating with each other in sign language, but were also worried that he didn’t talk. Then we found Learning Time… and his life changed!

Keenan immediately fell in love with Discover English with Ben & Bella, and watched the videos all day long. Within three months, he suddenly started talking in English! The Eltee Pen filled up another void in our lives – we can’t read stories to him, but Eltee Pen does and we are able to enjoy reading with our son like normal parents! Keenan is now four years old, and still delves each day in the worlds of Ben, Bell, Lucy and Wiz. He cherishes everything he learns from these friends. Thanks to Learning Time for this incredible program and gift of learning for Keenan!

~Kathy Ramiah & Andy Ramiah, Mauritius (Consultant: Gopal Karina)

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