Why Flashcards are Important for Toddlers
December 10, 2020
Why is Early Childhood Learning Important?
December 10, 2020

The A+ Program has helped my daughter to listen, think and learn”; a big thumbs-up from a proud parent


Varsha Trivedi from Bangalore, India bought the Learning Time A+ Program for her 6 years old daughter.

“The storybooks, activity books, apps and flashcards fulfil her curiosity for knowing different things.”

“She has started learning English through the stories and adventures of Lucy, Wiz and Ziggy in an innovative way. The Time for English with Lucy, Wiz and Ziggy stories are very engaging and she gets totally engrossed. She loves watching the videos and using and playing with the Eltee Pen.”

“We love the awareness series, the Time to Learn books and app. The question and answer format tickles her curiosity and raises questions with lots of new concepts. She loves watching videos and using the Eltee pen.”

“The program has helped my daughter to listen, think and learn. She is getting exposed to new languages, vocabulary, cultures and concepts. Thank you .”


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