Early Childhood Learning
December 10, 2020
The A+ Program has helped my daughter to listen, think and learn”; a big thumbs-up from a proud parent
December 10, 2020

Why Flashcards are Important for Toddlers

The early stages of parenthood are crucial. There’s an abundance of kids’ products available to choose from. Parents need to act wisely by staying away from the hype of trending products, and choose the appropriate early childhood learning books and materials for kids.

Interactive conversation, listening and storytelling, and extracting new vocabulary from the dictionary were key assets in furthering literacy in traditional times. But, will these learning styles be sufficient for today’s contemporary education pattern?

We understand the difficulties of learning at different ages and stages; hence, we are here to introduce a realistic early learning tool for your infants and toddlers. “FLASHCARDS”– the invention of this engaging early learning product aims to advance the early literacy skills that will create a lifetime effect on your children’s career.

What are Flashcards? 

More than language and communication, Flashcards emphasize memorization. To make learning productive ,we will be implementing techniques to strengthen memorization.

Flashcards are the ideal equipment to captivate and stimulate learning amongst toddlers; and are a proven and emerging method to train and teach kids in recent times. This fun-loving way of teaching involves several topics, visuals, and audios that grasp the attention of the children.

It is often observed that toddlers comfortably start enjoying & ascertaining different sounds & colors between the ages of 12 and18 months. This makes flashcards the ideal early childhood learning element for young toddlers to new words, images, or concepts.

The common questions that will be popping in your head are, will it be effective? Are the toddler’s flashcards good or bad? How to use them? What is the importance of Flashcards?

Let us help you in understanding the importance of flashcards for toddlers.

Adopting an early childhood learning program and activities will help your child excel in a different learning environment and set remarkable milestones.

Why Flashcards are important?

The most effective way to educate your toddlers would be introducing concepts that interest them like colors, toys, eatables, flowers, animals, or unusual patterns and shapes. These areas of topics give rise to self-curiosity and motivate children to learn more.

Benefits of Flashcards for your Toddlers:

  • Improves meta-cognition and understanding of one’s mindset and thought processes
  • Makes associations among children to communicate and learn languages
  • Promotes early childhood learning among toddlers
  • Links creation in the brain and stimulates the identification of objects
  • Improves awareness of the world around them
  • Engages “active recall” and strengthens memorization
  • Develops knowledge and the ability to understand
  • Allows for confidence-based repetition
  • Stimulates thinking for themselves
  • Improves fine motor skills
  • Enhances visual memory
  • Increases confidence

Therefore, with flashcards, you are actively engaging your kids in a repetitive question-answer format of learning.

Are you practicing it right for your child? 

Your flash rate per card should be of 0.5 seconds. The information will be unconsciously absorbed by the right section of the brain. The fast pace of flashing transmits strong vibrations to the brain. This process aids your infant’s brain to recognize faster, understand better, and excel academically.

Highlights of Flashcard Activities for Toddlers:

1.Months in a Year:

It is an awesome technique to memorize the number and names of months in a year.

2.Days of the Week:

It helps your child recall the names of the days in a week.

3.Object Search:

Flashcards promote quality learning by identification and recalling the names of the objects.

4.Colour Game:

The vibrant flashing cards help the kids to gain an understanding of the available colours around them.

5.Visual Patterns:

The colourful and dramatic visuals of different shapes and patterns develop a sense of creative skills with the toddlers.

6.Recall Alphabet and Numbers:

Repetitive flashing of alphabets like A, B, C, and digits like 1,2,3 helps a child in the process of memorization.

7.Identify Figures or Artwork:

It helps children recognize objects like fruits, flowers, cartoons, or other illustrations drawn in the flashcards.

The best part about the Flashcards learning style is that it can be executed anytime and anywhere ,or it can be performed between game sessions.

To develop memory and classification skills of your toddler, practice these activities regularly.

Highlights about the Learning Time Program

Bear in mind, that you don’t have to drill knowledge inside their little brains. Instead, make learning fun for them!

Evoke a conversation to resolve their difficulties in learning and accordingly, formulate solutions to promote the value of learning.

Over years, the Learning Time  A+ Program by Learning Time has been the backbone of early learning. And today, we feel a sense of pride  being called, recognized and appreciated by our happy customers. Our exclusive and interactive early childhood learning program not only throws light on the importance of flashcards but it also highlights other early childhood learning products.

With the Learning Time A+ Program, your toddlers will get exposure to major areas of learning like English language, Math, General Awareness, Aptitude, and Cultural Values.

Products by the Learning Time support to uplift your child’s recognition and memorization capabilities. Take a close look at our Early Childhood Learning multimedia products by visiting the website.

In case of any difficulty in product selection or operation, you can request a free presentation.

Join us to encourage learning! 

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