Benefits of Early Learning

From birth to four months, babies are universal linguists. Children learn better, easier and faster in the early years. The habit of reading and the love of learning are developed at home. The most important thing that parents can do is talk and read to their children. Not reading to your child because she can’t read is like not talking to her because she can’t talk. Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Learning Time - Playing and learning in early childhood education
Young children are learning sponges. Every new experience and every new word is an investment. You can never have a greater impression on your child than when he is an infant.
An early start to learning with the right tools will help your child grow into a well-rounded, happy and successful individual.
Reading to your child makes it easier for him to develop speech and language, stimulates his imagination, and is a wonderful bonding experience.
Learning time A+ program for Kids – Best Fun learning activities for kindergarten
Today’s kids are different! They love to multi-task, and they learn differently. Interactive learning materials that get their attention and hold it, will set them on the path to becoming lifelong learners.

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One of the fastest growing ….. across Asia and Africa.

Present today in UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Ghana, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Mauritius, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philipines, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Singapore, China, Thailand, our aim is to spread our wings across the world and be able to reach families and children all over the globe.

What defines Learning Time

This is what Learning Time believes:

We believe our professional calling is to deliver quality educational products to children the easiest way possible.

We are passionate about our mission. We aim to be the best publisher and marketer of children’s home education products.

Our goal is to provide high quality educational products to children, great customer service, a rewarding career opportunity for independent sales consultants and our employees, and contribute a profitable business for all our associates, distributors and stakeholders.

While we take our mission extremely seriously, we don’t take ourselves seriously and, in fact, embrace fun as often as we can find it. Our dart board and cricket kit are important to us; as are the sales targets.

Learning Time is defined by its sense of urgency. We believe that the mission we have undertaken, will be achieved.

We obsess over our customers, our users, young children taking their first steps in early learning, and helping them excel in school and life.

We are defined by our humility.

There are a number of things that don’t matter to Learning Time. These include impressive titles, swanky offices and furniture, and hierarchy. Learning Time is not for those to whom it does matter.

We are frugal, and proudly so.

Learning Time prides itself on meritocracy. Our expectations are extremely high, and we hold ourselves accountable.

We realize that our undertaking is both bold and incredibly ambitious. We remain steadfast.









A+ Program The Learning Time A+ program:

* Combines the latest in publishing and digital learning
* Covers all three essentials for success: Awareness, Ability and Attitude
* Is modern, multi-media and fun
* Provides quality at reasonable prices

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Our part-time opportunities are ideal for full-time moms, who can work while their kids are at school. Age, qualification or previous work experience does not matter. You can meet one of our team leaders to find out if this may be an opportunity for you.


Learning Time is a recognised leader with presence in over 18 countries in Asia and Africa – in the billion-dollar early learning industry. Our products help children excel by developing the essential awareness, abilities and attitudes at an early age.


1. Can you please tell me about your children? [I have… children, ages…] I have a son age 1year 3 months.

2. When did you buy the Learning Time program?
I bought it December 2019.

3. Why did you buy the Learning Time program?
I bought it because I wanted a complete educational learning material

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My Kid enjoys the videos of Time for English with Lucy and Wiz and also the flash cards

“We purchased the Learning Time A+ program more than 5 years back in Qatar; when I was expecting my first child.

Its been 5 years now that my son Daemiel has been using and enjoying the books, apps, videos, and the Eltee Pen.
He has always loved the Values series, Learning Values with Lucy and Wiz.
Daemiel now clearly enjoys his school, is confident, speaks well. He is very clear with his pronunciation.
Its been a great investment, and we are now taking the new Math series, and the new Time for English.
We are sure Daemiel will make the best out of this too.”
Proud parents Florites Ceria- Llanes & Ronald Gene Llanes from Qatar, invested in the A+ program before the birth of their child; and have made the best out of it!

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