“Learning Time A+ Program is the best thing that has happened to my family!” Says a mother from Ghana
December 10, 2020
“The storytelling time with ‘Learning Values with Lucy and Wiz’ has also helped us to bond a lot more!” Says a mom from India
December 10, 2020

“Any parents having second thoughts about investing in Learning Time A+ Program, all we can say is… it’s a lifetime investment in your child’s future”, says a mother from Saudi Arabia!

We invested in the Learning Time A+ Program for our 8-month old son, and we love it! The books and material are great for learning, cuddling and bonding with our son. It’s helping him build listening, memory and vocabulary. We love the storybooks from Learning Values with Lucy and Wiz, because these are not just stories but teach them about places of the world and help build good attitude! We have also been using the flashcards, and are amazed how quickly an 8-month old can learn the words and objects!

Before Learning Time, we had used other baby books, but the difference is obvious! The Eltee Pen adds great value by playing the sounds and getting the baby more interested and engaged in the books. Time to Learn offers information and knowledge on all essential topics, not just useful for kids but parents too!

Any parents who are having second thoughts about the program, all we can say is it’s a great investment; it’s a lifetime investment in your child’s future.

~Gretchen G. De Jesus | Riyadh | Consultant: Jun Sabas Jr.

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