“Any parents having second thoughts about investing in Learning Time A+ Program, all we can say is… it’s a lifetime investment in your child’s future”, says a mother from Saudi Arabia!
December 10, 2020
“If you want to raise children with strong moral values, full command over English and clear concepts of math, Learning Time A+ (A Plus) Program is a must!” Says a mother from Pakistan
December 10, 2020

“The storytelling time with ‘Learning Values with Lucy and Wiz’ has also helped us to bond a lot more!” Says a mom from India

We have been using Learning Time A+ Program for over six months now, and we are loving it! My 4-year old and I have read, explored, enacted and loved all the stories of Learning Values with Lucy and Wiz, and Ben & Balla too! The storytelling time has also helped us to bond a lot more.

The wonderful stories, activity books and all other interactive components have helped my child’s holistic development. It’s a treasure of knowledge that every child should have; I highly recommend this to all parents. Thanks to Learning Time for introducing me to such delightful and everlasting experience!

~Preeti Bapat | India | Consultant: Sagareeka Das

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