“Learning Time A+ Program has changed the environment of our house; we all seem to be engaged in learning all the time!” Says a parent from Kuwait
December 10, 2020
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February 22, 2022


Every parent wants to give their child the best; we grew up experiencing just that.

I being a new mom, am always on the lookout for materials to provide my son, so that his senses develop. I have wanted to introduce him to the world around (more so now in the current scenario since we can’t venture out), teach him phonics and articulation, and help develop amazing skills; and start it all early.

I am an avid reader, I always used to read aloud to him even when I was pregnant, and would read to him after birth too. I stumbled upon the Learning Time A+ Program on a mom’s blog and came into contact with Manisha. Seeing how it worked, I found no reason for my little boy to not have the A+ Program.

Would it seem silly if I said I was super excited when the A+ arrived home?? I began by showing him a mix of the Flashcards. Now I read him half a book with some difficulty at times because now he is more interested to see and play with the Ziggy bird toy. Only recently he started his phonics cards with the Eltee Pen, the first being ‘a’. He was crawling under the bed and hid under the dining table, my mom called out for him and he says ‘aaaa’ to our astonishment!!!

Children pick up fast, and all this effort that is being taken by our family to expose him to such products is only to help him learn more as the ability to learn more is developing in him at an exponential rate now.

Learning Time has provided us with a lot of eye-catching designed educative material. It can be used by anyone – parents, grandparents, nanny. And the language options are amazing; I always wanted to learn French. Now I guess they have made it easier for me to learn as I will be teaching my son through the A+ Program.

We parents buy a lot of educational materials for our children every week, every month, which can burn a hole in the pocket. Learning Time’s A+ Program is a long-term investment at a reasonable price with amazing EMI options too, which makes it affordable.
I have opted for the Learning Time A+ Program to help my child explore his senses and I have every reason to believe that I made a wise decision.

Dr. Ravella Divya
Vijaywada, India

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