“Engaging with kids is fun with the Learning Time A+ program!” Says a parent from Mumbai
December 10, 2020
“We haven’t found anything that comes even close to the Learning Time A+ Program…” says a parent from Oman!
December 10, 2020

“To my pleasant surprise, my daughter’s vocabulary has increased dramatically!” Says a mother from Pakistan

Being an avid reader, my first concern has always been to develop a reading habit in my daughter. One can, of course, buy hundreds of books from the market and bookstores but to find something which can add up moral values with general knowledge; and in multiple languages is definitely a bonus.

I purchased the Learning Time program in August 2017 for my two-year-old daughter; and to my pleasant surprise her vocabulary has improved dramatically since. We read 6 books to her in four months and she can now recognize the story from its cover. She can now name all the characters and illustrations, and sometimes reads the story to me in her own baby language. One of the best tools is the ‘Parents’ Guide’, which is helping me trace her milestones and also guiding me in introducing her to alphabet, colors, numbers, and how to engage her in learning with fun activities.

~Syeda S. Batool | Pakistan | Consultant: Durriya Marvi

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