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December 10, 2020
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December 10, 2020

“The Learning Time A+ program has made my son fall in love with books and learning”, reveals a proud mom from Kenya.

My son is nearly four and half years old. I purchased the Learning Time A+ program in March this year.

The reason I bought the program is because I value learning and being informed. The aim is to give my children a head start, and instil a positive interaction and attitude with the help of books. To make them enjoy learning, and not to associate learning with exams, or only something that’s done in school. I want them to have fun when learning, and I felt this program makes learning fun.

The part I love most is how concepts are introduced; shapes, colours, time etc, and made easy to understand. My son loves the talking pen. He feels he can read, though he is still not able to. He loves the videos, and can relate to the stories and the books.

The program has made my son fall in love with books and learning. He is always coloring, writing. Most of the time now, he has a pen and a book in his hands. The variety offered by the program is amazing.

Once we were in a mall, and he saw an Indian lady in a sari. He immediately remembered that the lady who gave Ziggy goggles in the Time for English books, was wearing a similar attire. I was amazed. His pronunciation is excellent now. His knowledge of things sometimes amazes me.

This program is the best. You will find all your needs taken care of. We keep buying books for our children. But with the Learning Time A+ program, its all taken care off.

Once you invest in this program you will have a lot of material for the children to use for long. It can be shared. So more than one child can use the program. The Learning Time team too is very supportive. They answer any questions one has, and visit you in case you need them. And of course, the flexible mode of payments!

In summary, it’s worth every penny. It’s a great investment!

~ Janet Muthoni | Kenya| Consultant: Luke Newman

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