Learning Time A+ Program provides excellent storytelling opportunities in classrooms!
December 10, 2020
“Learning Time A+ Program was the best gift we could give Aparna on her first birthday!” A parent from India just told us.
December 10, 2020

“Investing in the Learning Time A+ Program was a very good decision…” says a parent from Philippines!

When we bought the Learning Time A+ Program, our twins were just 18 months old. They had been exposed to a lot of books and the A+ Program got them very interested and excited! Within a year and a half of using the program, our twins have made a huge progress! They have been eager to read all the stories, and listen to them in many different languages. They have been amazed by the Eltee Pen, and have improved their vocabulary, pronunciation and listening skills. They have learnt their alphabet and numbers. They have become very fond of Lucy, Wiz and all the other characters.

Investing in the A+ Program was a very good decision because of the amazing progress we are seeing in our children!

~William and Mescaline Nacional | Philippines | Consultant: Mark Yanos

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