“ Not a day goes by when the books are not used by both my kids”, gushes a parent from Dubai!
December 10, 2020
“Thanks to Learning Time for developing such a wonderful product for kids”, says a parent from Kuwait.
December 10, 2020

“I would encourage all parents everywhere to get the Learning Time A+ program for their kids”, says a parent from Ghana!

I have three kids aged 8, 6 and 4, and I bought Learning Time in August 2018. I decided to buy it because I saw it to be something that my kids would really benefit from. When I was introduced to Learning Time, I decided to invest in it because it is well-structured, very interactive and quite different from other things I had tried with my kids.

I love the Awareness part the best. Though the program is meant for my kids, there are so many new things I am learning just by going through the books with them. I’m discovering new things every single day! My kids love watching the English DVD’s. Its fun to see them try to sing along and dance with the videos. My girls also love the Awareness series so much! They share with me things they learn from the books all the time.

My little boy’s vocabulary has greatly improved since we started using the English flashcards. It’s amazing that he’s able to recognize things, and call them by name. For example, he was so excited when he saw a crane and a forklift a few weeks ago. He also loves to sing the songs and mimic the sounds that the Eltee pen plays.

We use the program almost every day. Astonishingly, the kids like the program so much they hardly watch television and play video games anymore. They prefer to read, watch the videos or play the games that come with the app. I’ve seen remarkable improvement with my kids over this short period of using Learning Time; especially with my youngest. So far, I cannot compare this program to any I’ve used or seen.

So long as the program is used consistently, results are guaranteed. I would encourage all parents everywhere to get the Learning Time A+ program for their kids!

~Gifty Sarpong | Ghana| Consultant: Patience Scott-Bennin

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