News from India: Another 3-year old becoming a genius after being exposed to the Learning Time A+ Program!
December 10, 2020
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December 10, 2020

Five things parents love most about Learning Time A+ Program! (Five reasons you should invest in it)

Now that we have feedback from hundreds of our customers from around the world, we know what they like most about Learning Time A+ Program:

  1. It makes them better teachers for their child. Most parents know that they are the first and most important teachers for their child, and the home is the most important place of learning. But not many parents know what to teach, how to teach and what material to use. The A+ Program makes it easy!
  2. It allows them to spend quality time with their child. Many parents don’t know what to do when they are with their child. The A+ Program provides an opportunity to talk, read, play, watch and listen with your child… while having fun and stimulating her development! Parents who have a full time job can also ensure that whatever time they get with their child is quality time!
  3. It provides entertainment and education at the same time. No need to separate playtime and learning time. The talking books, songs, videos and games from the A+ Program make it possible for kids to learn while playing and having fun. So there’s no need to spend on toys, games, gadgets and videos that have no educational value.
  4. It saves them the trouble to find the best material for their child, that are age-appropriate, interactive and affordable at the same time. The A+ Program covers all three essentials for a child’s success in school and life i.e. awareness, abilities and attitudes. And different parts can be used at different stages of development, from new-born up to the age of 10 or more!
  5. It makes their child smarter! We are hearing it again and again from parents, that kids have improved their reading, vocabulary, language, math, manners, behavior… increased their knowledge and confidence… much better, easier and faster than other kids of the same age.
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