Five things parents love most about Learning Time A+ Program! (Five reasons you should invest in it)
December 10, 2020
“Learning Time A+ Program has integrated components, thematic approach, interactive material… which make learning and understanding really easy!”
December 10, 2020

Learning Time Customer Interview from Pakistan: A mother of 1.5-year old twins shares her experience with Learning Time A+ Program!

Saima Malik from Pakistan talks about her favorite parts of the Learning Time A+ Program; how her twins enjoy reading and turning pages with her; how they are learning to count with the help of the abacus from ‘Time for Math’; how they greet and respond to the ‘Eltee Pen’ and why every parent should invest in this program…

These customer interviews are conducted without any scripts, rehearsals or professional equipment. The customers featured in these interviews have all bought the program on regular price and derive no personal gains from being interviewed and sharing their experiences.

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