Learning Time Customer Interview: These parents started using the A+ Program for their 2-month old baby… and this is what happened!
December 10, 2020
Five things parents love most about Learning Time A+ Program! (Five reasons you should invest in it)
December 10, 2020

News from India: Another 3-year old becoming a genius after being exposed to the Learning Time A+ Program!

Our son was just two and a half years old when we started using the Learning Time A+ Program with him in December 2015. We started with the flashcards, videos and books of Discover English with Ben & Bella… and the two characters immediately became his best friends. It has helped increase his vocabulary, expand his knowledge and enhance his memory. He loves reading every day! Soon after introducing him to the Atlas, he started singing the national anthem and mastered it very quickly. Now he loves learning from different parts of the program and sharing his knowledge with us and his friends. As parents, we believe this is the best investment we’ll ever make for our son!

~Vrishali and Chandu Shelar, India. (Learning Consultant: Sagareeka Das)

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