“The A+ Program has helped reduce his time with gadgets and devices”, says a relieved parent from Qatar.
December 10, 2020
“ I have definitely found it to be a boon”, says a doctor parent from Oman!
December 10, 2020

“ You will reap the benefits of the A+ program within two to three months”, says a beaming mother from Ghana.

I have two children of ages 2yrs 7months and 7months, and I bought the Learning Time A+ program in January 2018

I found the A+ program because very current and having a different approach to making learning fun and easy for kids. I like the set of flashcards because I myself get to learn new words. I also enjoy and learn from the phonics sessions of the books.
My 7month old baby loves the flashcards, talking pen Eltee and Ziggy, the soft toy. My 2year old boy loves the videos, the flashcards, and now he actually refuses to sleep without the book and the Eltee pen.

My 7-month baby uses the flashcards every morning and my 2-year old watches the video every morning whilst waiting for his school bus, and at night. He can identify certain objects which seem beyond the capabilities of his age, and surprisingly he even uses certain phrases that I have not taught him, e.g  “Oh no! Mummy, can you please…”. He is  now friendlier and happier than he used to be.

Learning Time has even taught my boy to be orderly. He would pack up all his toys and books after scattering them. I have used another program earlier, but Learning Time is more comprehensive.

Investing in Learning time is now no regret step to take. You will reap the benefits within 2 to 3 months, and your kids will be smarter than you can imagine.

~Jerry D. Akwetey and Jennifer | Ghana| Consultant: Patience Scott-Bennin

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