“ You will reap the benefits of the A+ program within two to three months”, says a beaming mother from Ghana.
December 10, 2020
“ I have observed a definite positive change in my children”, confides a parent from Pakistan.
December 10, 2020

“ I have definitely found it to be a boon”, says a doctor parent from Oman!

Apprehensive initially bought the Learning Time material due to the price; I was pleasantly surprised when my children started using it. I really found it a boon. When both parents are working, the children do tend to get neglected. But the Eltee pen has now become my son’s best friend!

He can read stories using Eltee pen; even in my absence. Also, both my children loved the Math Module. It increases the child’s curiosity and most importantly, keeps the kids away from television.

I really recommend this program to all working parents. I have definitely found it to be a boon.

Thank you, Eltee.

Dr. Priya Rengarajan| Oman| Consultant: Nisanth Palakurussi

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