“My two-year old son’s speech has improved dramatically”, says a proud mother from Ghana.
December 10, 2020
“15 minutes of time spent daily with the Learning Time A+ Program does the job beautifully”, narrates a proud parent from Ghana.
December 10, 2020

“The Learning Time A+ program has helped our son know colors, numbers, alphabets, and stories, and stay a step ahead of other kids”, says a proud parent from Mumbai!

In the afternoon, I use the flashcards and while feeding him in the evening I use different combinations of books.

In a month, he has evolved into an expert with all the 250 flashcards. And he loves Children’s Dictionary the most. Other books that he enjoys are The Universe, Animals in Water, Birds, and Insects, and Animals on Land.

He watches the videos at night for some time. His favorite character is Ziggy.

This program has helped him know the regular colors, numbers, alphabets, and stories, and thus stay a step ahead of other kids his age. He has become sharper and has developed an interest in reading. He enjoys the Eltee pen but doesn’t overuse it. He enjoys counting, colors, and playing with the abacus.

Twice he had shown interest to solve the huge number puzzle but due to age constraints, he couldn’t solve the entire puzzle.

However, I and my husband were quite happy about it. It was a major milestone for both of us.

Also, as feedback, I would like to say that the children’s dictionary and the number book should have had multiple language options as that might immensely help the kids learn the basic languages. There can also be monthly kids’ workshops about different subjects of the program.

Overall, we are happy with the experience.

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