“The Learning Time A+ program has helped our son know colors, numbers, alphabets, and stories, and stay a step ahead of other kids”, says a proud parent from Mumbai!
December 10, 2020
“Go for it, its worth the investment”, an emphatic endorsement from a parent in Ghana
December 10, 2020

“15 minutes of time spent daily with the Learning Time A+ Program does the job beautifully”, narrates a proud parent from Ghana.

I have two children, 3 years and 1 year old. I bought the Learning Time A+ program in January 2019.

I purchased the Learning Time program because my husband and I were looking for something that could get the kids occupied when they are off school and would help develop all their multiple intelligences.

My kids like the English and Mathematics part of the program more because there are lot of activities in there to do, and it’s all very interactive. They use this very often because there are videos included. When we parents are unable to give them the required time to engage them, the videos do that.

Around 15 minutes of time spent daily thus engaged does the job beautifully. It has helped them in picture recognition and the ability to spell and pronounce even 4 to 7 letter words. Proper command of the English Language, Improvement in numbers and counting, and ability to solve puzzles are the other improvements I have clearly noticed in them.

I have realized that the Learning Time A+ Program is very comprehensive and interactive too, and it has so much in there to get the child totally engaged. And it’s fascinating to know the use of this program is long term, and up to 5 kids can use the program at the same time.

I will therefore entreat every parent to consider investing in this program because it’s definitely been worth it!

~ Mr and Mrs Yeboah | Ghana| Consultant: Anita Sharon

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