“We were amazed to see how our 1-year old responded to the flashcards in the Learning Time A+ Program”, says a doctor from Oman!
December 10, 2020
“No child is too young to start with the Learning Time A+ Program”, says a mother from Pakistan!
December 10, 2020

Parenting Tips from Learning Time: 3 Things Every Parent Should Know

The following is based on the latest in child development and early learning – topics that we, at Learning Time, like to follow:

  1. Importance of preschool years in brain development: “What our findings tell us is that children’s brains need to get enough and healthy activation even before they enter pre-school,” explains Cristina Alberini, a professor in NYU’s Center for Neural Science. “Without this, the neurological system runs the risk of not properly developing learning and memory functions.” Read the full article here.
  2. dad-with-baby3Fathers’ critical role in kids’ development: “There’s this whole idea that grew out of past research that dads really don’t have direct effects on their kids, that they just kind of create the tone for the household and that moms are the ones who affect their children’s development,” said Claire Vallotton, associate professor and primary investigator on the research project. “But here we show that fathers really do have a direct effect on kids, both in the short term and long term.” Read the full article here.
  3. Physical education and music are essential to learning: “Over a decade of neuroscience has confirmed that both mental and physical activity produce new circuits in the brain. Different activities will affect different parts of the brain. Continuously engaging in a specific activity or set of activities increases the strength of these circuits… New research has linked both physical education and music to improving brain functions that are essential to learning.” Read the full article here.

So what should we do as parents?

  • Make the most of the early years of our children. Provide them with necessary stimulation through all the senses.
  • Fathers should commit to, and spend, quality time with kids regularly.
  • Incorporate physical activities and music into our babies lives as early as possible.

Finally, let us brag a little about Learning Time A+ Program, which makes it easy for parents to do all of the above, and a lot more! If you haven’t seen it yet, request a free presentation now.

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