A 5-year old can understand the concepts of measurement when they learn from Learning Time A+ Program!
December 10, 2020
Learning Time Customer Interview: These parents started using the A+ Program for their 2-month old baby… and this is what happened!
December 10, 2020

“Our children are becoming smarter after using the A+ Program from Learning Time!” Says a mother from Pakistan

We bought the Learning Time A+ Program about nine months ago, to help our children becomes smarter. And we are happy to see that happening! Learning Values with Lucy and Wiz have become their favorite bedtime stories, which introduce them to world geography and teach essential values. My 8-year old is preparing for an upcoming Science Contest from Time to Learn! And my 2.5-year old can now read most of the flashcards and recognize the objects!

I recommend this program to all parents: Do not hesitate due to the cost; the invest is worthwhile!

~Rubina Ali, Pakistan (Consultant: Salima Sachwani)

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