Learning Time Customer Interview: Adjoa Doffour-Dapaah from Ghana talks about the benefits of the A+ Program
December 10, 2020
“Within just 2 months of getting the Learning Time A+ Program, we are noticing our daughter’s increasing curiosity to learn…” says an Indian parent from Kuwait!
December 10, 2020

“Learning Time A+ Program has made my son more confident, independent and motivated…” says a mother from Pakistan

I bought the Learning Time A+ Program last year with a lot of apprehensions whether my son will be able to get along with it, but I have been surprised by its user-friendly nature. My son has become more confident, independent and motivated to explore the world of books. Shafay is very fond of using Eltee Pen, which helps him in improving his pronunciation. The Eltee Math Kit has helped him excel in the mystery of subtraction and division. Abacus made him more calculating. Board games is our favorite quality pass-time!

I found a visible change in his academics. His selection of words, different creative idea and curiosity to learn something new everyday makes him stand out among his class-fellows. What else a mother needs to be proud of?! Investing in Learning Time program was a wise and timely decision and I can see its long-lasting value.

~Sadaf Rasheed | Pakistan | Consultant: Qurat Ul Ain

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