“Learning Time A+ Program is fostering the love of learning at an early age, and developing his communication skills too”, says a father of a 2-year old!
December 10, 2020
“The innovative and interactive teaching method (of Learning Time A+ Program) has helped my kids better understand what’s being taught in school!” Says a parent from Kuwait
December 10, 2020

“Learning Time A+ Program can mould a child into successful learner!” Says a parent from Kuwait

Our son loves the Learning Time A+ Program since we introduced it to him about three months ago! He has quickly developed a habit of reading due to the beautiful and interactive storybooks. And there’s so much more value in the program, like the flashcards, activity books, audio, video, games… all of which can mould a child into a successful learner! The Eltee Pen is one of the most interesting components, and the amazing sounds help him with correct pronunciation and often make him sing and dance!

We are so grateful that we found the Learning Time A+ Program. It’s really a worthwhile investment in our child’s future!

~Ma. Dianne Fernandez | Kuwait | Consultant: Jayson Salazar

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