“Learning Time A+ Program helps every children each and every day!” says a Filipino family from Kuwait
December 10, 2020
“Thanks to Learning Time, the program has greatly helped develop her curiosity, habit of reading and a love of learning”, says a grandmother from Philippines!
December 10, 2020

“It’s a blessing that we have found the Learning Time A+ Program!” Says a mother from Pakistan

We are both very keen about our kids’ education. We had been looking for, and investing in, a lot of material for our kids’s development. And it’s a blessing that we have found the Learning Time A+ Program! Time to Learn has become a favorite of my 3.5-year old. The colourful picture get him interested in reading, and the Eltee Pen helps to improve his vocabulary, pronunciation and listening skills! My 1-year old is also getting interested in all the colourful material and books. He has started using the abacus and seems to understand the quantities; he also recognises quite a few things on the flashcards! Essa and Ibrahim never go to bed without listening to a story from Learning Values with Lucy and Wiz. I find ‘Things to Do’ very helpful whenever I am running out of ideas for activities with my kids.

We recommend the A+ Program to all parents who want to make their kids smart and independent learners. It’s a great tool for parents too!

~Mr. & Mrs. Fahad Ali | Pakistan | Consultant: Quratul Ain

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