10 Inspiring Quotes on International Literacy Day
December 10, 2020
“Learning Time A+ Program is a very systematic, complete, organized and graded program!”, says this parent from Kuwait
December 10, 2020

“Investing in the Learning Time A+ Program was one of the best decisions”, says a mother of a 16-month old from India!

Investing in the Learning Time A+ Program has been one of the best decisions. And it’s been a wonderful experience for my son who is only 16 months now. He loves the books due to the beautiful photos, illustrations and characters. He listens and enjoys when I read stories to him and show him the pictures. I was not able to achieve that through some of the other kids books that I had tried. So I am really thankful to Learning Time for developing such an excellent program, and to our consultant for guiding us so well! Wishing Learning Time many more readers and cute little fans 🙂

~Shruti Pant | India | Consultant: Sagareeka

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