Why is Early Childhood Learning Important?
December 10, 2020
Invite your child to think for her good self !!!
December 10, 2020

Interview from Ghana – Parentshub

Can you please tell me about your children? [I have… children, ages…

  •  I have 4 kids ages 8,7,4,and 1yr olds

When did you buy the Learning Time program?

  • 2015

Why did you buy the Learning Time program?

  • It’s  educative and very interesting

What parts of the Learning Time program do you like best? Why? o What parts of the Learning Time program does your child like best? Why?

  • I like the visuals and audios. It helps the kids to really understand what they are learning.

How often does your child use the Learning Time program?

  • Every weekend

What improvements have you seen in your child after using the Learning Time program?

  • They are able to express themselves well and very knowledgeable about things around them

Any other interesting stories or incidents related to the program? o How is Learning Time program different or better than other similar stuff that you may have seen or heard or used?

  • It is very Educative and self explanatory

What would you say to parents who are considering investing in Learning Time program?

  • Learning time programme brings out the best in your child

 Mr and Mrs Sarpong

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