“Thanks to Learning Time, the program has greatly helped develop her curiosity, habit of reading and a love of learning”, says a grandmother from Philippines!
December 10, 2020
Learning Time Customer Interview: A father and teacher, from Pakistan, talks about the benefits of the Learning Time A+ Program!
December 10, 2020

“In just six months, our son has learnt new vocabulary and developed new knowledge…” says an Indian mother from Kuwait!

Being first-time parents, we were overwhelmed when we started thinking about teaching our 1.5-year old. We were reading random books, looking at stuff on the Internet, and were not sure how to make the best of the formative years of our son. Then we saw Learning Time A+ Program, and it was obvious how structured the program was, and how much fun it could be for our son!

In just six months, our son has learnt new vocabulary, developed new knowledge and has got interested in books and reading. He loves the videos from Discover English with Ben & Bella, and even dances along to the songs. He can also repeat many of those words, recognises the objects and speaks with more confidence! We are about to start exploring the other elements of the program. Thanks to the team behind this fantastic program!

~Mrs. Joel Robinson Pushparaj | Kuwait | Consultant: Furqan

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