Learning Time Customer Interview: Another mother from Nigeria talks about the benefits of the Learning Time A+ Program, and a good reason why every parent should invest in it!
December 10, 2020
Learning Time Customer Interview: Stella Okwesa tells us how her 3.5-year old son has learnt sharing and improved his math and English in just a few months!
December 10, 2020

A mother from Dubai “encourages all parents to invest in the Learning Time A+ Program and see the difference” in their children!

I have been using the Learning Time A+ Program for my three boys aged 7, 3 and 1 for about six months now. Our favorite part of the program is ‘Learning Values with Lucy and Wiz’ where every story teaches an important lesson which we can apply in our daily lives. It also provides a great bonding time when all of us read together.

My children use some parts of the program every day. They watch some of the videos through DVDs or the Eltee Pad, and every night we read from ‘Time to Learn’ with the Eltee Pen. My eldest son is doing much better at school, with the improvement in his language, vocabulary and knowledge. He was one of the Top Achievers for the last quarter! And for a 3-year old to know about fish that can climb trees, and other amazing facts, is unbelievable for many.

I encourage all parents, especially those with young kids, to invest in the Learning Time A+ Program and see the difference!

-Criselda Valerio, United Arab Emirates (Dubai)

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