“Our 21-month old son knows the alphabet, numbers, colors and many other things… thanks to Learning Time A+ Program that he started using at the age of 18th months!”
December 10, 2020
Parents’ views about Learning Time, recorded live at the Karachi International Book Fair 2017!
December 10, 2020

“Within just three weeks of using Learning Time A+ Program, we saw his speech and language improve tremendously!” Said parents from Saudi Arabia

As parents of a 3-year old, we wanted him to have good knowledge and skills, so we invested in the Learning Time A+ Program about three months ago! We started with the flashcards and dictionary, then the video and other activities. Within just three weeks, we saw his speech and language improve tremendously! He spends about an hour each in the afternoon and evening with different parts of the program. He loves learning new things and telling us all about it. We believe he is learning more from the A+ Program than any other material. The best part is that he is very active and passionate about it. We are obviously very happy with the investment!

~Mr. & Mrs. Edmar Gardose | Saudi Arabia | Consultant: Noel S. Frias

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