“Impressed with the completeness of the program”, says a doctor from Oman.
December 10, 2020
“The A+ Program has made learning so much more fun, especially the Math songs and the Eltee Pen”, says a parent from Oman.
December 10, 2020

“The best children’s program around!”, says a parent from Ghana.

I have 2 children; 2 years and 4 years old. I bought the Learning Time program in June 2018.

My children love all the aspects of the program because the books are colourful, and all the ‘Time for English’ story books have CDs they can watch after reading the books, or being read to. They just can’t wait to come home to listen to Lucy, Wiz and Ziggy’s stories. Now I love the way they remind me every day after school to read to them, or learn Math with them after school.

We use only 15 minutes every day for the program. I am pleasantly surprised seeing the progress and improvements they are making on a daily basis. I have noticed a definite increase in their vocabulary (with the help of the story books and the dictionary), and improvement in listening skills (with the help of the talking pen and the videos).

Learning of moral values (from the Values story books) and development in the habit of reading are clearly noticeable. I can certainly say that this is the best children’s program around because it covers all the aspects of learning and education a child needs in the home and everywhere.

In the Learning Time A+ program, they don’t just see pictures but they get the meaning of what they see; unlike other books and programs.

Investing in the Learning Time A+ program is definitely worth it. If educating your child is expensive then then this is positively the best investment.

~Vasty Odame-Otoo & Kwabena Odame-Otoo | Ghana | Consultant: Luke Newman

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