TFE Online Proficiency Test

Key Benefits of TFE Online Proficiency Test


Tests designed for children


5 levels of tests


English Proficiency Certificate to be earned


Tests children in reading, writing, watching & listening


Prepares children for future competitions and improves confidence


What is this program all about?

The program is about focusing on 3 key areas of mental development in children; Awareness, Ability and Attitude, through interactive learning tools. The Learning Time A+ Program focuses on instilling a love for reading in young children. This love for books and reading is the prerequisite in developing a lifelong enthusiasm for learning.

How is it different from what a child learns in school?

Its different from the way the child learns in school because this keeps up to the pace of learning and interest of the child, unlike the school where there is a fixed curriculum. It also triggers the instinct of how to think out of the box.


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