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December 10, 2020
Teachers notice storytelling skills, improved language proficiency and increased confidence in this child from Ghana – after using the Learning Time A+ Program!
December 10, 2020

Time for English with Lucy, Wiz and Ziggy – another brand-new product from Learning Time!


It’s the only English-learning program we know about that:

  • Combines books, audio, video and apps to engage today’s kids
  • Provides the audio reading of books, and subtitles of videos in 7 different languages
  • Builds 20 essential skills through the independent activity books
  • Comes with a tablet to provide portable access to all audio, video and games
  • Has been put together by experts in early learning, animation, publishing and apps
  • Can be started with a newborn baby

Why another English-learning program? Today’s kids are different, and most popular products developed 10-20 years ago can’t be as effective any more. We got a team of experts to review the strengths and weaknesses of all existing products, and came up with what we believe is the best combination of content, components, characters and storyline. After 18 months of development work, creating everything from scratch, and an investment of about half a million dollars, we have Time for English with Lucy, Wiz and Ziggy! Wth the addition of Mandarin, French and Arabic, this product also opens at least 10 new markets for Learning Time!

Here’s what Colin Rose, a specialist in developing learning and thinking skills in young children, says about the program:

The earlier Lucy and Wiz series have been a big success. Now comes a combination of books, videos and apps to teach children English. The illustrations and characters are colorful and engaging, and the progression in the episodes is carefully planned by reading and early learning experts. The extra motivation for your child is that Lucy and Wiz have a new friend called Ziggy – a friendly, colorful and smart bird. They need to help Ziggy find her way home, and to do that they must look for clues and teach her English. By joining in the clue hunt your child will be learning English plus 20 essential skills!

Any child who completes this innovative series will have a big educational head start. A child has only one first start in life, and this program will help make that start the best one possible!

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